Storm, Blaze & Bliss

Storm, Blaze & Bliss

By Muskaan Khan

husky in car

Dogs really are like unpaid therapists. I have been blessed with three little angels who are my children. I have a seven-year-old female Shih-Tzu named Bliss and two male Siberian Huskies, Blaze and Storm, aged five and three respectively. We never knew when we were naming them, but somehow we couldn't have picked better names! Bliss means pure joy, and that is precisely what she is, a bundle of joy. Blaze means a fiercely burning fire. He looks absolutely intimidating to an outsider, like a fire, but is also warm like one. Storm is just as his name suggests. Full of energy, mischievous, hyperactive and crazy! It has been a task to have them grow up together. All the midnight barks, the tearing of our curtains and the breaking of glasses have been worth it, because they bring us unconditional love. As they grow up, we see Blaze and Storm being protective over Bliss and us, and it almost makes our hearts burst with joy.

My house is never really quiet and yet somehow we always find peace with our dogs. Everyone at home has always been animal lovers, while we had squirrels, parrots and cats earlier; having a dog is really an experience like none other. With all of us so busy, working until late hours, what makes our day is walking into our house and seeing our dogs, the circles they run in and the endless howling and tail wags.

I would like to share a small story about Bliss! She is a fighter, who has had health issues, been to the best vets frequently, been on medication, but never let it make her weak. She always comes out stronger! Her little barks when someone says, "Bye!" and snuggling into her purple bed at night makes our hearts melt. She is currently battling cancer and we would ask you to keep her in your prayers.